Geo hiking on Passo Sella:
getting to know the Dolomites

Excursions - Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. - photo Lucio Tonina

Every Wednesday – 10 am, Passo Sella


A simple guided excursion to discover the Dolomites, in the company of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, experts from the MUSE in Trento, Alpine Guides, and Middle-Mountain Guides of the Fassa, Gardena and Badia valleys. The itinerary will offer a geological reading of the Dolomitic environment, with the illustration of the main evolutionary stages in the territory (from the pre-volcanic carbonate platforms, to Mid-Triassic volcanism, to the post-volcanic carbonate platforms), fossils of the San Cassiano Formation, the Marmolada and its glacier.


Length: 4.0 km
Difference in altitude: 250 m
Duration: About 2 hours.
Meeting point: Hotel Passo Sella Mountain Resort
Excursion departure time: 10 am
Suggested attire: Hiking boots, wind breaker, fleece